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I began studying this field since November 2004, and have browsed through many websites, Guinness books, Wikipedia, and collected lots of photos, etc. and it wasn't until a little after 2 years I decided there weren't any good single website on this field so I decided to make my own. As far as I know, this website is one of a kind.

The following tables are about the oldest persons in the world (supercentenarians).

Update: I am sorry but this site was erased/disabled on the night of June 1, and this site has been restored (backed-up) to where it was as of mid-April 2007 12 days after. I will have to update for the < 2 months of deleted information (but I saved much of the /Gerontology/ files on my own laptop harddrive before it was gone). These pages will be renewed.

7/22/2009: This site will undergo another renovation. ;)

The oldest person in the world (basic boring introduction page).

The oldest person in the world, since 1955. (Currently going over complete reconstruction, and column alignment. Edit: Completed up to 1999.).

Maximum human lifespan (Photos, photo album gallery).

Human age percentile.

The oldest woman in the world, (Timeline and biography).

The oldest man in the world, (Timeline and biography).

From birth to death.

Tabe of the oldest people ever (as of August 26, 2007, the day Elizabeth Bolden became the oldest person in the world).

This table is not to be a source for updates of living people, but of dead people, therefore, it is not updated as frequently and does not need to be.

Off topic: Table of the the oldest living World War I veterans (June 2007 update).

Off topic and under construction: The youngest/oldest mother/father, etc. Family records.

Tables (All under construction):
  -The oldest woman in the United States, since 1974.
  -The oldest man in the United States, since 1980.

  -The oldest woman in Canada, since 1983.
  -The oldest man in Canada.

  -The oldest woman in the United Kingdom, since 1966.
  -The oldest man in the United Kingdom.

  -The oldest woman in France, since 1978.
  -The oldest man in France, since 1990.

  -The oldest woman in Germany, since 1977.
  -The oldest man in Germany.

  -The oldest woman in Italy, since 1986.
  -The oldest man in Italy, since 1991.

  -The oldest woman in Spain, since 1981.
  -The oldest man in Spain, since 1989.

  -The oldest woman in the Netherlands, since 1959.

  -The oldest woman in the Nordic countries, since 1986.

  -The oldest woman in Japan, since 1984.
  -The oldest man in Japan.

  -The oldest woman in Australia, since 1981.

  -The oldest African-descent (black) woman in the world (any country), since 1980.
  -The oldest African-descent (black) man in the world (any country), since 1980.

  -The oldest Jewish people (coming soon).

The oldest person in the world, before 1955.

Other tables.

The following tables were lost on the last time the site's server were stolen, do not click, the links do not work.

Sweden (December 31, 2006). **
Netherlands (January 1, 2004).
Denmark (January 1, 2003).
Finland (December 31, 2002).
Italy (2001 census, October 21).
Japan (Septmber 2002 census, 1).

Do we really know who the oldest person in the world is?

Some really, off topic, miscellaneous stuff.

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